SPAIN: Vitogas supports research against COVID-19

Vitogas Espana donated to the Barcelona Clinic Hospital and the José Carreras Foundation.

May 2021

Vitogas Espana wanted to collaborate in the fight against coronavirus by making a financial contribution to the Clínic-IDIBAPS Hospital in Barcelona and to the Josep Carreras Foundation for Leukaemia.

Thanks to donations received from individuals and companies, the research teams and health professionals at Clínic-IDIBAPS Hospital will be able to continue to progress in obtaining answers that will help them better understand the SARS-CoV coronavirus and its behaviour.

Vitogas’ contribution will also be paid to the José Carreras Foundation, of which it is an associate partner. Specifically, the money will be used to fund a programme to support families and patients with leukaemia, one of the diseases most affected by the global pandemic. Extreme isolation and severe restrictions caused by coronavirus have resulted in haematological patients experiencing isolation and lack of psychosocial care, which requires immediate resolution with the implementation of such initiatives.

Against this challenging background caused by the pandemic, collaborations such as those of Vitogas are a boost for health entities to continue to have the resources needed to improve the care of patients in emergency situations and, in turn, to advance research against COVID-19.