Provide a safe and stimulating environment for our employees

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Safety as a top priority

We invest and implement measures to ensure optimal security:

  • Our employees, our service providers and local residents.
  • From our facilities: aim for zero major industrial accidents

We rely on a risk prevention policy adapted to our activities:

1. Common set of demanding standards, through a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) charter that can go beyond the local regulations in force

The main objectives of this charter:

  • Strengthen the HSE culture
  • Implement industry best practices

Download the Rubis Energie HSE charter

2. Significant investments in facility training, maintenance and improvement

3. Regular inspection program

4. Membership of professional trade groups

5. HGV defensive driving training

Supporting skills development

Convinced of the importance of continuous training for employees on team motivation, the emergence of innovative ideas and the effectiveness of employees, Rubis Energie actively invests in several types of training

  • Training to progress (language training, management training, business training)
  • Training to prevent risks (in terms of health, industrial and road safety, the environment, etc.)
  • Training on the jobs of tomorrow, in particular, to support the transformation of the energy professions.

The creation of a “Talent Pool” is also being rolled out, as part of the 2022/2025 Group CSR roadmap.


Diversity and equal opportunities

At Rubis Energie, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential drivers of team performance.

The subsidiaries of Rubis Energie promote the feminisation of their predominantly male professions through various actions and ensure that recruitment processes, remuneration policies and career management give everyone the same opportunities. In addition, to continue the representation of women in positions of responsibility, Rubis Energie announced its commitment to reach 30% of women in senior positions by 2025.

Rubis Energie has more than 50 nationalities in its workforce and relies on the wealth offered by this cultural diversity: more than 98% of employees are hired locally for their experience and knowledge of the country’s local characteristics.

Finally, the great intergenerational diversity within the workforce considerably enriches the experience of the teams and the transfer of knowledge. Each age group is represented consistently in our subsidiaries.

Employee participation in value creation

Rubis Energie wishes to reward the active contribution of its employees to its economic and financial performance; this is why the latter benefit from various measures put in place:

  • Additional remuneration based on their individual performance
  • Profit-sharing and incentive schemes in subsidiaries governed by French law
  • Employee savings plans and employee shareholding.



Our other commitments


Reduce the environmental footprint of our activities

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Contribuate to a more virtuous society

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