Energies and bitumen distributor

Operating mainly in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, the French company Rubis Energie has become one of the independent leaders in energies and bitumen distribution.

About us

Our commitments

Determined to reconcile performance with responsibility, Rubis Energie has set itself the goal of being a committed partner and citizen. As such, our commitments to decarbonisation and energy transition, safety, equality and ethics are fully integrated into our operational activities and support value creation.

Governed by the “Rubis Group CSR Roadmap”, our CSR policy is steered at the highest level of the company; it is implemented in all our entities and by all our employees.

Rubis Group CSR roadmap

Its proper execution is the responsibility of several specific working groups and committees: Climate Committee, Compliance Review, CSR Committee etc.

The Rubis Group has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since August 2021.


The 3 pillars, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of our environmental and societal strategy:

Our products

Rubis Energie’s objective is to meet the fundamental needs of individuals and professionals in terms of energy and mobility, by ensuring the accessibility of our products in a sustainable manner through the control of the supply chain.

Rubis Energie offers a diversified matrix of products and services. 52% of its turnover is achieved with B2C customers as opposed to 48% with B2B customers:

Fuels in service stations Liquefied Gases Fuels for industry Aviation fuels Marine fuels Bitumens and bituminous products Lubricants Additional Products / Services