Reduce the environmental footprint of our activities

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Aware of the challenges facing its sector in terms of energy transition, Rubis Energie is committed to combating climate change by focusing its activity primarily in 3 axes.



Reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions from our operations

Rubis Energie is implementing its action plan by setting a 30% reduction target between 2019 and 2030, methodically targeting all its energy consumption.

The 2030 emissions reduction target applies to Scopes 1 (our direct emissions: generation and transport) and 2 (our indirect emissions related to energy consumption: mainly electricity consumption).

The aim will be to reduce our need for fossil fuels as much as possible by:

  • The use of biofuel by our heavy goods vehicles and also by our ships
  • Eco-driving training
  • The accelerated renewal of our heavy vehicle fleets
  • Installation of renewable energies production equipment on our industrial sites and service stations.

Download the Bilan Carbone presentation and the reduction targets


Limiting the environmental impact of our activities

  • Protect water and soil:
    • Implementation of water treatment systems before discharge, regular effluent analyses etc;
    • Massive investments in terms of gradually replacing “single envelope” technology equipment with “double envelope” technology equipment.
  • Limiting atmospheric emissions from industrial activities:
    • Programme for equipping depots with floating screens;
    • Rubis Energie’s shipping business uses low-sulphur fuel oil.
  • Optimising the use of water resources:
    • Green Water project under construction at SARA (seawater desalination to significantly reduce net drinking water consumption).
  • For maritime charters:
    • RightShip systematic assessment of chartered vessels, membership of the Oil Spill Response Ltd organisation in order to have specialist assistance in the event of maritime pollution.


Contributing to the development of a less carbon-intensive society

By continuing to develop energy transition solutions through energy savings and by promoting the use of low-carbon energies (solar energy, advanced biofuels, decarbonised hydrogen etc.) by its customers.

Examples of actions implemented in the subsidiaries


Rubis Energie assists in the deployment of information, training and innovation programmes in favour of energy demand management or the reduction of fuel poverty in order to obtain Energy Savings Certificates (EEC). We actively participate in the following programmes, defined by orders of the Minister of Energy:

  • CEE SEIZE, an energy saving support scheme dedicated to companies and local authorities in Corsica, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion Island;
  • INTERLUD, a programme aiming to associate public and private actors in a process combining awareness-raising, support and the drafting of 50 sustainable urban logistics charters in 3 years;
  • SARE, a programme aimed at helping the French to find their way around and get advice on energy renovation, so that they know what work to do to improve their comfort while reducing their heating bill.

French Antillas and French Guiana

Our subsidiary SARA, the leader in energy transition in the West Indies and French Guiana, has invested sustainably in decarbonised energies:

  • In Martinique: 1st hydrogen fuel cell of 1MW on industrial site,
  • In Guadeloupe: photovoltaic field in synergy with crops requiring low illumination, and resale of electricity to the nearby business area;
  • In French Guiana: 1st hybrid power plant in the world, combining solar energy and renewable hydrogen, non-intermittent high power.

In Martinique

Project in French Guiana

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, each project carried out in these French Departments of America (DFA) aims to develop employment and skills at all levels. SARA is also one of the main contributors to the emergence of techniques and companies tackling the problem of sargassum, chlordecone.


Channel Islands

  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) retail: a diesel for a greener future, the RD100. We now supply the RD100 to all our service stations in Guernsey




Our other commitments

Provide a safe and stimulating environment for our employees

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Contribute to a more virtuous society

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