Liquefied Gases

Liquefied gases are packaged in cylinders or stored in overhead or underground tanks

Liquefied Gases (Butane & Propane) allow private individuals and certain professionals in the tertiary sector (hotels, health, etc.) to ensure the 3 uses which are heating, hot water and cooking and for professionals (communities, agriculture and industry) heating and processing.

In emerging countries, this energy is actively recommended by the public authorities and the WHO as a cooking method, replacing charcoal or paraffin, for health reasons and to combat deforestation.

Liquefied Gases, the environmentally friendly transition energy par excellence.

Our products

Rubis Energie’s objective is to meet the fundamental needs of individuals and professionals in terms of energy and mobility, by ensuring the accessibility of our products in a sustainable manner through the control of the supply chain.

Rubis Energie offers a diversified matrix of products and services. 52% of its turnover is achieved with B2C customers as opposed to 48% with B2B customers:

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