SPAIN: Vitogas flies over the Granada Geopark during the 22nd Andalusian Aerostation Festival

February 2022

The Granada Geopark was the spectacular setting for the 22nd edition of the Andalusian Aerostation Festival and Championship, organised by the company Glovento Sur in collaboration with the Andalusian Aerial Sports Federation, from 28 to 30 January.

Fourteen crews from different autonomous communities took part in the event. The Geopark of Granada is one of the places in the world that offers the best conditions for ballooning. During the three days of the competition, the participants made four flights in which they performed the Andalusian Ballooning Championship tests.

Ángel Melero, the VITOGAS balloon pilot and host of the event, directed all the flights. He and his crew experienced some very exciting moments during the event.

VITOGAS continues to support the sport of ballooning by sponsoring and providing the energy for this type of event.

In addition to participating with its balloon, VITOGAS was the official supplier of Liquefied Gases for this event.