SOUTH AFRICA: Rubis Energie strengthens its bitumen business

Rubis Energie’s bitumen division is gaining strength in Africa with the opening of its new subsidiary Rubis Asphalt South Africa.


September 2021

Rubis Asphalt South Africa based its operations on a “ship to containers” model.

Our first operations took place in September 2021. Starting from the cities of Cape Town or Durban, we deliver our customers based in South Africa as well as construction sites located in neighbouring countries.

The landscape of South African refineries has changed with the closure of the Astron refinery in Cape Town and the Engen refinery in Durban. As a result, bitumen demand exceeds local production capacity and imports are now needed. Rubis Asphalt made a notable entrance in Durban, South Africa, when in mid-September 2021, the “VIVEKA” landed at the Maydon Wharf in Durban. This Rubis bitumen delivery is also the first bulk bitumen delivery imported into the port of Durban for almost ten years.

This cargo, together with a dedicated unloading facility and a permanent bitumen storage facility, enabled Rubis Asphalt to establish its presence in this large country of exploration. Most of the sales were made directly from the ship’s gantry, and we kept a contingency stock in Cape Town in our own bitumen containers to ensure the reliability of supply to our customers.

Rubis Asphalt’s team has received excellent reviews from customers and service providers and is already planning the next expedition.

“If there are dreams of a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal……………” Nelson Mandela