Rubis Energie sponsors the Plastic Odyssey expedition

An expedition around the world to combat plastic pollution

August 2021

PLASTIC ODYSSEY: an expedition around the world to combat plastic pollution

Rubis Energie is proud to inform you that it will support and sponsor the company Plastic Odyssey Expedition which plans to carry out a world tour on a boat ambassador solutions to combat plastic pollution.

The purpose of this expedition is to:

  • raise awareness about reducing plastic waste and waste recycling solutions, particularly in emerging countries;
  • disseminate know-how and technologies worldwide;
  • make conferences, films and photo reports during the expedition.

Plastic Odyssey has developed open-source, low-cost plastic recycling technologies to treat waste already produced on land before it ends up at sea. The objective of these machines is to economically develop the plastic waste treatment sector: to create jobs while combating pollution at the source.

In order to experiment with these solutions and share them in the countries most affected by pollution, they will be aboard the MV Plastic Odyssey, a 40m old oceanographic research vessel, currently undergoing a refit to accommodate recycling technologies.

This anti-pollution ambassador will promote solutions to drastically reduce waste production and build a more sustainable future.

The ship will depart in late 2021 for a 3-year expedition to Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.