Rubis Energie joins the “Sea Cargo Charter”

Making in line with United Nations decarbonation targets.

January 2022

On 15 December 2021, Rubis Énergie SAS, fully owned by Rubis SCA, joined the Sea Cargo Charter, an initiative for responsible shipping, transparent climate reporting, and improved decision making in line with United Nations decarbonisation targets.

Rubis Énergie distributes fuels, lubricants, liquified gases and bitumens for both private individuals and professionals across 38 countries. The company is involved in the supply and logistics, and two thirds of Rubis Énergie’s sales worldwide depend on maritime imports. To ensure supply of its affiliates, it operates 6 fully owned vessels and 9 time charters.

The Sea Cargo Charter establishes a common baseline to quantitatively assess and disclose whether shipping activities are aligned with adopted climate goals. The Sea Cargo Charter is in line with the policies and ambitions adopted by the member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping. This ambition aims at capping greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping as soon as possible and reducing shipping’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% (baseline 2008) by 2050.

For many years, Rubis Énergie has been implementing a rigorous vetting policy, making safety the key decision factor in chartering. Strengthening the vessel selection process with the inclusion of Sea Cargo Charter principles is a welcome next step, in line with broader Rubis’ commitments regarding the reduction of the carbon footprint of its activities and its climate strategy.

« With three offices active in the tanker market, operating a range of Contracts of Affreightment and Time Charter Parties, Rubis’ supply teams have a daily commitment to reliably deliver energy to the markets with minimum impact to the environment. I am confident the shared efforts with fellow Sea Cargo Charter Signatories will help us do a better job each year » underlines Hervé Chretien, Head of Supply, Rubis Énergie.

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