PORTUGAL: Rubis works to reduce its carbon footprint

Rubis Energia Portugal staff switch to electric bikes

Novembrer 2021

In 2020, Rubis Energia Portugal has moved. Its new headquarters is now in the center of Lisbon, the heart of Portuguese economic life. In parallel with the development work, one of the parking spaces in the building’s underground garage was converted into a dedicated “eBike” self-service mobility unit.

Electric bicycles and associated safety equipment were made available to staff for short duration/distance trips (e.g. at lunch time). This initiative also aims to reduce the use of company cars for meetings/events in the Lisbon area, taking advantage of the many bicycle paths being built by the municipality.

Rubis Energia Portugal is also involved in the world of cycling by being, for the last 4 years, one of the main sponsors of the annual Portuguese cycling tour “Volta a Portugal“.

This initiative is part of our CSR roadmap towards a more sustainable environment. Rubis Energia Portugal wants to work for a greener world by contributing to the reduction of its carbon footprint.