PORTUGAL: Rubis Energia signs partnership with the Q8 network

Rubis Energia Portugal becomes the exclusive partner for the marketing of liquefied gas in the Q8 service station network.

April 2021

We are very pleased to announce the new partnership between the VAPO – Q8 Group and the Rubis group in Portugal with its trademark, Rubis Gas.

Thanks to this new partnership, all Q8 service stations in Portugal will exclusively sell gas cylinders (butane and propane) as well as Rubis Gas liquefied gas.

The VAPO – Q8 Group is convinced that this is another important step for the growth and reputation of the brand in Portugal.

“In the search for continuous improvement, Q8 is establishing a partnership with the Rubis Group in Portugal that will exclusively supply the network of service stations. Rubis Gas, as the leader in customer satisfaction in the bottled gas sector, represents added value, with Q8, to better serve their customers”, are the words of Joaquim Gonçalves, CEO of the Vapo Group.