MADAGASCAR: Planting of mangroves in the Boeny region

In partnership with the social enterprise Bôndy

November 2022

In partnership with the social enterprise Bôndy, Rubis Energie, via its two subsidiaries VITOGAZ Madagascar and GALANA Madagascar, has chosen this year to contribute to the regeneration of a fragile ecosystem on the island of Madagascar: the planting of mangroves in the Boeny region.

Playing a major role in mitigating and regulating the impacts of climate change, mangroves are a bulwark against violent storms by stabilising the coastline, while contributing to carbon sequestration and storage.

Located at the interface of many ecosystems (both terrestrial and marine), these rainforests, whose primary production is equivalent to that of coral reefs and peat bogs, serve as a buffer zone, providing numerous ecosystem services for the surrounding communities.

Since June, we have initiated, with the participation of local community associations, the planting, by the end of the year, of 5 hectares in the commune of Mahajanga.