MADAGASCAR: Malagasy cooking recipes…

When the culinary arts and our CSR policy come together.

December 2021

The launch of the cooking show “Lakozia mitety Faritra” sponsored by Vitogaz Madagascar took place on Thursday 16 December 2021.

It is a series of culinary programs broadcast on the national channel TVM in partnership with a renowned Malagasy chef, Chef Moretti.

“Lakozia mitety faritra” consists of introducing the general public to the richness and diversity of Madagascan gastronomy.

During her road-trip, Chef Moretti goes in search of local products and traditional recipes. She also meets with local cooks and producers. The recipes are then revisited and put on the menu of her restaurant.

This programme allows Vitogaz Madagascar to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of charcoal use on health, the environment and the household economy. Domestic gas is presented as a credible and accessible alternative to charcoal for cooking.

This initiative, which consists in valuing the local community and promoting the use of a less carbon-intensive energy source, is fully in line with our CSR policy.