MADAGASCAR: Launch of the 2022 reforestation campaign

Planting of 60,000 plants…

January 2022

Galana is launching its reforestation campaign for the year with the planting of 50,000 Mangrove plants in a five-hectare area on the west coast of Madagascar.

Three varieties of Mangroves have been selected for their high capacity to sequester carbon and their ecosystem is among the most bio-productive in the world. This reforestation is being carried out on the same land as that on which Vitogaz Madagascar will carry out its own reforestation and with the same service provider in order to be able to pool carbon sequestration later on in the framework of a possible certification of carbon credits.

This reforestation will be followed by a reforestation of 10,000 trees on land belonging to farmers over an area of just over nine hectares on the east coast, near Tamatave, by the end of December. Eight species have been selected for their environmental impact but also for their economic impact through the fruits, leaves and bark that will be sources of income for the village communities that will guarantee their sustainability.

These actions are in line with our CSR commitments by contributing to global neutrality and supporting local communities through the creation of 9 sustainable jobs and 181 one-off jobs affecting 310 indirect beneficiaries.

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