HAITI: Rubis Energie is positioning itself

The Rubis Group has signed an agreement to buy back all the shares of Dinasa and its subsidiary Sodigaz, the leading distributors of petroleum products in Haiti.

February 2017

With 600,000 m3 distributed, Dinasa, Haiti’s leading network of service stations (125 stations), operates under the “NATIONAL” brand and operates in all segments of the oil product offering, with a leading position in the marketing of aviation fuels, liquefied gas, commercial fuel oil and lubricants.

The company has a strategic and autonomous import logistics tool (storage, maritime access).

Dinasa combines the main strategic criteria sought by Rubis in distribution: a leading position in a niche market associated with controlling its supply logistics.

Dinasa’s sales volumes represent an increase of more than 35% in Rubis Energie’s activity in the Caribbean region and will undoubtedly generate supply levers in perspective (densification of trading in the region combined with economies of scale in shipping).

During the year ended 30 September 2016, the Dinasa Group generated a gross operating income (EBITDA) of €40.4 million.

The effective acquisition is scheduled for Q2 2017.