GABON: Further development of our bitumen business in Africa

Creation of a new bitumen subsidiary called Eres Gabon to continue our expansion in Central Africa.

April 2021

ERES Gabon was incorporated in April 2021 and will import, store and distribute bitumen to all road contractors in Gabon.

Our location was carried out as part of a major road project called “Transgabonese”, linking Libreville to Franceville with 780 km of bitumen road.

Our business model will be based on ship-to-container operations in partnership with Bollore Logistics, and we will be able to offer reliability of supply and product quality to all our customers.

We successfully completed our first ship unloading at the end of May thanks to good teamwork in the bitumen division, as employees from Senegal, Cameroon, Togo, the UAE and India were involved in this project.