CHANNEL ISLANDS: Rubis has reduced its direct CO2 emissions

November 2021

In 2021, Rubis Channel Islands has drastically reduced its own direct carbon emissions in Jersey and Guernsey (by over 80%) by taking 2 simple steps:

  • Switching the entire road vehicle fleet from fossil diesel to RD100;
  • Switching our heating oil to EcoHeat100 instead of fossil kerosene*.

These actions did not require additional Capex, they simply represent a voluntary increase in Opex for the company. It was our responsibility to make a change, we made the decision to act now!

This underlines our determination, leadership and commitment to making our employees and customers proud to be part of the Ruby family.

We are focusing on actions rather than empty rhetoric, these 2 simple steps are already possible and available in the Channel Islands, why wait?

*RD100 and EcoHeat100 are non-fossil fuel products, made from 100% renewable components, available from RUBIS Channel Islands.