CHANNEL ISLANDS: a diesel for a greener future, the RD100

We now supply the RD100, in a STANDARD manner, to all our service stations in Guernsey.

March 2021

Guernsey is at the forefront of a movement towards a greener future. To support this movement, we now supply the RD100 at all our service stations in Guernsey.

Committed to making progress on the island’s journey towards carbon neutrality, this test is a major step by Rubis Energie in understanding the local market’s appetite for renewable fuel. If the trial is successful, we will continue to provide RD100 across the Guernsey service station network.

This is an important moment in the energy transition, where a fossil fuel has been completely replaced by a renewable diesel. And Guernsey is the first jurisdiction in the world to have such access and coverage of renewable fuel.

On average, islanders use about 800 litres of diesel per year in their cars. This means that over a year, an islander who opted for the RD100 could save more than two tons of carbon emissions, which is roughly the weight of a large family car.

Replacing one litre of diesel with renewable diesel reduces carbon emissions by 2.84 kg during the “well-to-wheel” life cycle.

This initiative will reduce the environmental impact of transport at the local level, not only in terms of carbon emissions but also in terms of air quality, and since the RD100 is a more sustainable use of resources, it also contributes to reducing environmental impacts beyond our coasts.

The RD100 is an easy and modest first step that can make a big difference.  A simple switch to RD100 will help drivers on the island reduce the environmental impact of each trip.

Fill up at a Rubis gas station today and start your journey towards a cleaner, greener future.