BITUMEN POLE: The Bitu River, a new bitumen tanker in the fleet

The 5th bitumen boat in the fleet.

September 2022

The Bitu River has just left the shipyard. This shallow-draft bitumen tanker, equipped with the new generation Schottel azimuthal diesel-electric propulsion system, is 145.80 metres long and can carry 16.542 MT of liquid bitumen heated to 150-160°C in 12 independent tanks.

The vessel has a crew of 14, including officers and personnel responsible for the daily maintenance of the vessel.

With the help of Maritec Tanker Management, a Rubis Energie Group company that manages the technical management of the vessels, we were able to monitor this construction project in all its phases: procurement process, innovative design and construction to meet our specific needs.

The African continent’s need for road infrastructure is growing. The acquisition of this vessel, equipped with the latest generation of equipment, is intended to secure the supply of our subsidiaries in Africa.

Rubis Asphalt Middle East is therefore celebrating the arrival of this new bitumen vessel to complete its fleet and accompany its growth and development.