BITUMEN POLE: the Asphalt Teranga, the last bitumen tanker in the fleet

The latest addition to the Rubis Asphalt fleet.

April 2022

Rubis Asphalt has acquired a new bitumen tanker to further our growth strategy in Africa.

It has a bitumen loading capacity of 7005 MT and is equipped with independent bitumen tanks.

The vessel is powered by a 4-stroke Wartsila diesel engine developing 4000kW. It is also equipped with two diesel alternators and a shaft generator.

It will supply our subsidiaries in West and Central Africa.

We have chosen to call it Asphalt Teranga, which means hospitality in Wolof. It is also a wink to the Lions of Teranga, the Senegalese football team that won its first African Cup of Nations this year.

We wish the Asphalt Teranga a long life within Rubis Asphalt to serve our customers in the years to come!